Terms of use

Published: October 29, 2015 at 6:20

General conditions

  1. These Terms of Use specify the regulations and conditions for the use of the site oobikes.com.
  2. oobikes.com author, owner and administrator is Ariel Bogdziewicz.
  3. Terminology used in this document:
    • Site - a web portal available in oobikes.com domain and its subdomains.
    • User - a natural person using the Site identified unambiguously by user name.
    • Club - a group of Users identified unambiguously by the name of the Club.
    • Account - information about the User allowing him to use the Site. These are the user name, password, first name and last name, email address, date of birth, country, language, time zone, etc.
    • Page - part of the Site determined by subdomain. There are pages like the main page - oobikes.com, the national pages (i.e. pl.oobikes.com), User Pages (i.e. admin.oobikes.com) and Club pages.
    • Operator - Ariel Bogdziewicz, the owner, administrator and creator of the Site.
    • Content - text, pictures, maps, links and any other data published in appropriate locations Service by Users.
  4. It is forbidden to upload to the Site any Content that contains illegal information, including that affecting the rights of third parties, in particular copyrights or personal, or contrary to decency. It is also prohibited to post any Content inconsistent with the main themes of the Site, which are endurance workouts, healthy lifestyle, including nutrition, sports events, etc. It is only allowed to place the Content which is neutral politically, religiously and racially. You mustn’t conduct any political campaigns or share political or religious views using the Site. It is forbidden to publish pornography and other highly inappropriate content. Whether a published Content is unacceptable is up to the decision of the Site Operator.
  5. The Operator will remove the Content which is contrary to the law, including that affecting the rights of third parties, in particular copyright or personal, or contrary to decency, as well as other content that does not meet the requirements set out in the preceding paragraph of Terms of Use. Information about such Content should be submitted via the contact form.
  6. The responsibility for the content of the home page and the contents of the national pages lies with the Operator, apart from the Content uploaded by other Users. All published materials are identified by the IP address of the User who added them. The time of creation and modification of the Content is also saved. In case of violation of the law or others' personal rights, the IP address of the user who has posted inappropriate material can be transferred to the Police. Responsibility for the content of the User Pages is on the User itself, excluding Content uploaded by other users. Responsibility for the Content of the Club pages is on the Users of the particular Club, who have the right to edit the content of the Club, with the exception of the Content uploaded by other users. The owner of each page has a duty to moderate the content of his/her page accordingly to these Terms of Use and to report to the Operator all inappropriate materials, if for some reason, they cannot be removed.
  7. Users are obliged to respect the law when using the Site, in particular the regulations of the Civil Code and the Copyrights and Related Rights.
  8. Users are obliged to respect the Netiquette.
  9. Operator reserves the right to remove or block User’s account or some of his/her Content without giving any reason. The Operator has no interest in doing so baselessly, therefore please do not worry.
  10. Users agree to receive messages to the e-mail address provided at registration in accordance with the notification settings in your account profile, and to receive messages with important notifications from the Operator associated with the functioning and maintenance of the service, e.g. a significant change to the regulations, warnings about publishing inappropriate content etc. The Operator will not send any other less important messages, such as advertising, without the User’s permission.
  11. Operator is not responsible for the accuracy of the Content posted on the Site.
  12. Operator reserves the right to make changes to Terms of Use. Users will be informed about any change in Terms of Use through the entries on the home page blog and / or national pages. Terms of Use are valid from the moment of its publication.

Security and Privacy Policy

  1. All the data collected come from direct and voluntary registration made by the Users.
  2. On registration in the system the Users agree to the collection, processing and use of data for the purposes of the Site, according to the Law on Personal Data Protection (PL, Journal of Laws from 1997, No. 133, item. 883).
  3. Users have the right to inspect, correct and delete their data. These operations can be performed through the Site.
  4. Users may give only a minimal set of personal data which is required when registering. Giving the data in the user profile the User confirms that they are true.
  5. Users can refuse the use of cookies in their web browser, but then the services and some features offered on the Site may not work properly.
  6. The Site uses session mechanisms and secure SSL connection to increase User’s data security. The aim of the above is to improve the quality of offered services.
  7. The server that is running the Site automatically collects certain information while being browsed. These include information such as your web address, IP address, browser type and the language, as well as the date and time of requests sent. According to the current regulations of the General Inspector for Personal Data Protection, it is allowed to collect this type of data with no information provided in separate documents or some set of rules.
  8. The Operator applies the appropriate security measures to protect Users' data against unauthorized access, alteration, disclosure or destruction. These include measures such as internal reviews of collected data, storage and processing procedures, as well as physical security measures to protect against unauthorized access to systems where personal data are stored.
  9. The aforementioned Privacy Policy may be altered, however, the rights of the User resulting from this Policy will not be restricted without User’s explicit consent.

Cookies policy

oobikes.com uses cookies to help you use the Site. They are essential for the proper functioning of auto-login, remembering language and time zone settings for the selected user interface. Thanks to them the User sessions are handled successfully. The Operator of the Site has the right to use cookie files to collect anonymous statistical information (excluding personal identifiable information) also for the need of some external companies and institutions cooperating with oobikes.com. Cookies can also contain other user settings which personalize the appearance of the Site pages. The User can disable cookies in the browser used, but then some parts of the site will not function properly. We ensure that protecting your best interest and privacy is our highest priority.