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ooBikes allows to create web page in * domain for club or single person. Use training journal, calendar of events and training plans. Describe everything on blog.

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Ariel Bogdziewicz, Thursday 01:24, 13 October 2016 | comments 0

New server for our website This night was not easy. Website was moved into new server. We suspect that nothing should change but if something doesn't work then please let us know.

Ariel Bogdziewicz, Saturday 16:40, 04 June 2016 | comments 0

If you don't make mistakes, you do nothing We created portal, but every big project needs additional resources. First attempts of cooperation with sport companies finished with failure. We was trying to cooperate with...

Ariel Bogdziewicz, Tuesday 07:49, 05 April 2016 | comments 0

Reconstruction of service Service is being currently reconstructed. Collected opinions allowed to see that user interface should be more modern. First look at new design is visible on attached screenshot. All engine...

Ariel Bogdziewicz, Tuesday 04:47, 02 February 2016 | comments 0

Summary of blog category Preview of blog category presents detailed statistics of workouts. This new functionality is available for workouts assigned to a blog category. If category contains workouts from many...

Ariel Bogdziewicz, Wednesday 03:22, 13 January 2016 | comments 0

New charts and facilities in statistics Statistics page offers new charts of average heart rate and average power. Chart of terrain distance was removed. Chart distance displays information about terrain distance and mountain...

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You can synchronize your activities to-date with service Strava. For this purpose has been made available Synchronization with Strava option to make synchronization easy.

If you want to import your workouts from other source then contact us. We will help you if it is possible.

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Ranking 2017

  • Category: All users
  • Discipline: Bike
1. czach 5574.16 km
2. birdas 5053.60 km
3. zibofan 4586.28 km
4. andkul2 4083.01 km
5. Artek 2727.10 km
6. ariel 2687.57 km
7. Flanelos 1864.16 km
8. krystian 1829.67 km
9. galonim 1571.08 km

Ranking August 2017

  • Category: All users
  • Discipline: Bike
1. Flanelos 471.41 km
2. birdas 415.22 km
3. Artek 249.34 km
4. czach 141.92 km
5. krystian 59.88 km
6. andkul2 57.50 km

Ranking 2017

  • Category: All users
  • Discipline: Running
1. ariel 91.91 km
2. czach 35.66 km
3. andkul2 4.08 km
4. galonim 0.00 km

Ranking August 2017

  • Category: All users
  • Discipline: Running

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