New server for our website

Ariel Bogdziewicz, Thursday 01:24, 13 October 2016 | views 1479 | comments 0


This night was not easy. Website was moved into new server. We suspect that nothing should change but if something doesn't work then please let us know.

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If you don't make mistakes, you do nothing

Ariel Bogdziewicz, Saturday 16:40, 04 June 2016 | views 2324 | comments 0


We created portal, but every big project needs additional resources. First attempts of cooperation with sport companies finished with failure. We was trying to cooperate with companies Grabek Promotion, Data Sport and Sigma Sport. Each of them has own community of people associated with sport. In return potal would be intended for the objectives of the investor. No company was interested in cooperation. They could have simply other objectives. It is not clear why it was hard to get a response from them. It requires from us to build our own community of users. It is interesting challenge, but development of the portal won't be so fast. If we update new look of the portal which we currently working on, then small updates will appear regularly. Every failure teaches us something new.

Cover picture was downloaded from website Design Life- Kinito's Perspective.

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Reconstruction of service

Ariel Bogdziewicz, Tuesday 07:49, 05 April 2016 | views 1328 | comments 0


Service is being currently reconstructed. Collected opinions allowed to see that user interface should be more modern. First look at new design is visible on attached screenshot. All engine of service will be also changed to decrease time needed to put new features like full text search in blog and calendar. We inform that portal is still alive. These changes will allow to work other people on this project more efficiently. Please be patient, lull will not last long. Second case is that first attempt to establish cooperation with investor failed, but this topic will be extended in other post.

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Summary of blog category

Ariel Bogdziewicz, Tuesday 04:47, 02 February 2016 | views 1428 | comments 0


Preview of blog category presents detailed statistics of workouts. This new functionality is available for workouts assigned to a blog category. If category contains workouts from many disciplines then statistics will be displayed for each discipline extra. List of blog entries is under statistics of category.

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New charts and facilities in statistics

Ariel Bogdziewicz, Wednesday 03:22, 13 January 2016 | views 1787 | comments 0


Statistics page offers new charts of average heart rate and average power. Chart of terrain distance was removed. Chart distance displays information about terrain distance and mountain bike distance instead. But it works only for one country, user or club. Information about terrain distance and mountain bike is hidden for multiple comparison of users. Tooltips shows more data and looks better. There is also new option Lately for charts which shows last period of selected time. But you can still show selected year or month. Work on statistics is still in progress so please expect next improvements. Please let us know what we can do better.

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Runtastic synchronization

Ariel Bogdziewicz, Tuesday 19:23, 15 December 2015 | views 1020 | comments 0

Synchronization of workouts from Runtastic is available. There is no public access to Runtastic services, but we used workaround to download workouts from Runtastic. Functionality works slowly and there is no way to improve it at this moment. Pages with Runtastic synchronization can load content even 30 seconds. Please test and share your opinions.

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Import from spreadsheet

Ariel Bogdziewicz, Saturday 02:09, 07 November 2015 | views 678 | comments 0

New functionality is available. We can import your activities using functionality Import from spreadsheet. If you keep activities in Excel or other spreadsheet then you can save data as CSV file following the instruction to import these activities to Functionality is available only for logged in users. We probably fixed registration through Strava also. Please let us know if it works.

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Import from Bikestats fixed

Ariel Bogdziewicz, Monday 21:59, 02 November 2015 | views 1099 | comments 0

Upload of bikestats's CSV file is fixed. Bug occured only on Windows systems. We couldn't reproduce the bug because we use Ubuntu systems. But now you can try Import from Bikestats to move your workouts from together with attendees, bikes, comments, photos and categories. Please remember that if you use Strava also then please first import workouts from Bikestats and next from Strava to avoid duplicates.

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Important fixes of calendar

Ariel Bogdziewicz, Monday 09:22, 02 November 2015 | views 1089 | comments 0

Beta testers reported next bugs which have been fixed:

  • FIXED: Cannot add event to calendar. Message "database error" is displayed.
  • FIXED: Events in calendar are shifted one week ahead.
  • FIXED: Message about cookies is displayed on each subdomain.

Thanks for beta testers.

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First bugs found and fixed

Ariel Bogdziewicz, Sunday 15:01, 01 November 2015 | views 606 | comments 0

First beta testers reported a few bugs related with registration process. We are happy that part of these bugs are fixed now:

  • FIXED: Email with activation link isn't send to Gmail mailboxes.
  • FIXED: Wrong handling of summer time.
  • FIXED: Date on the site are English only.
  • NEW: Form to send activation link again if first sending failed.

Bugs which we are fighting now:

  • BUG: Registration with Strava doesn't work, error "bad access_token" is returned.
  • BUG: Error "Upload failed" in Bikestats import.

Unfortunatelly we cannot reproduce these bugs. We are still working on it. Please be patient and we thank all beta testers who helped find bugs.

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